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What it felt like to be an Asian in the crowd

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I’ve been dreaming about becoming global.

And that also means that I’ll be interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It’s actually easier to do that behind your keyboards.

Allowing people worldwide to see your face as you see theirs (online) is a whole new level of interaction. I realized I am not that confident with my English anymore. My confidence was so low it felt like my mouth was shut the whole time except when the ice was finally broken.

How you ask?

Well, small group discussions!

At first, I was glad to have someone from Australia to stir and lead the group discussion. But being in an intimate group of four means that everyone has to speak!

Fortunately, I finally had the guts to say a word, then another, and another. The next thing I know, I am talking with them, and they’re talking back to me!

What an experience!

Well, perhaps, it wasn’t really about being Asian. It’s more about interacting with people outside my home country. It’s even refreshing to remember that my people aren’t just Filipinos. My people now mean everyone here on Earth.

We’re #TeamEarth!