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Treading the memory lane and building resilience

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Are you feeling glum with how things are turning out for you today? How far have you been from where you started in this life? Most likely, you’ve lived a life rich with memories, no matter how mundane they’ve been.

Remember all the people who first believed in you?

Taking mental trips to the future, to the past and to an alternative present can help build resilience.

To Build Resilience in Isolation, Master the Art of Time Travel

It’s amazing how a quick trip to memory lane encourages you not to lose hope about your tomorrow.

And because the people who first believed in you gave you the benefit of the doubt, the trajectory of your career prepared you for this exact moment–right here, right now. If you think like you are in a career rut, don’t give in to the temptation of doing nothing at all.

Are you wondering where to go next in life? Then, perhaps, you need to be more imaginative and think about all the ways you can move (forward or sideways, whichever fits your circumstance).

Keep on moving.

And like Seth Godin always says, “Make things better by making better things.”

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