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Individualism vs. working together

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Growing up, you might have been led to believe that being independent means you’re strong and capable of standing on your own. Isn’t it a good thing to be independent?

Perhaps, you have overstretched your desire for independence such that you don’t welcome help from family, or you don’t consider asking for help anymore. Would asking for help make you look like you’re weak?

I keep thinking about crossing over major transitions in life and the role of our families so that we can go to the other side unscathed, or at least equipped and ready. Instead of considering ourselves as solo travelers in this lifetime, we can tap on the strength of the people who came before us and build upon the foundation they have already established.

Perhaps, others have to start from scratch. But for most of us, we don’t always have to start from zero, do we?

Instead of building your life through self-reliance, it’s time to be humble enough to receive help from those who want to help you achieve the things you want to reach.

And if you think that you can be where you want to be without anyone helping you get there, start to question that belief and consider how connections lead to promotions and cumulative advantage.