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Can we increase more flexibility at work?

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That instead of treating people (or treating ourselves) like money-making machines or automatons, we begin to appreciate the importance of socializing, hobbies, and, yes, domestic chores! I can hear the women say YESSSS!

I have to admit that taking care of children (and your family) and keeping up the house while working from home is really tough. And most women I know share the same sentiments. So yes, especially women expected to perform excellently at work while doing the house chores and building up the family.

From It’s time to embrace slow productivity:

Recent research out of Iceland, for example, had more than twenty-five hundred participants, many of them in desk jobs, try a four-day workweek. The data reveal that these workers felt more energized and less stressed, owing, in part, to increased amounts of time for socializing and hobbies, and more flexibility in tackling domestic chores.

And instead of going back to what we used to do pre-pandemic, can we move forward and make or adapt to new (and flexible) systems?

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