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Daydream like a scientist

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Imagine being out of work for almost five months. And that’s after being subjected to tension from graduate studies and a demanding workload.

How would that feel?

Of course, I can tell you how that exactly felt.

Because that’s what happened to me last year.

After feeling like your brain doesn’t stop whirring and churning, you find the quiet and lack of external demands riveting and odd. It’s as if you now have the time to think of something else, like art.

It enabled me to make projects such as an episode of a podcast I created about life after school, writing an eBook, and raising goats.

It felt like you finally had this headspace to dream of things like a child.

It seemed like I could do anything.

Everyone sometimes daydreams like a scientist at one level or another. Ramped up and disciplined, fantasies are the fountainhead of all creative thinking. Newtown dreamed, Darwin dreamed, you dream. The images evoked are at first vague. They may shift in form and fade in and out. They grow a bit firmer when sketched as diagrams on pads of paper, and they take on life as real examples are sought and found.
from Letters to a Young Scientist by Edward O. Wilson

I’m starting to think that dreaming of things is becoming a lost art.

Perhaps it’s something you need to revive and relive again.

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