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A night at the carousel

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two people in front of a carousel
This photo was taken right after we had the last ride (for the evening) at the carousel.

I’ve heard people say that the pandemic has affected children the most.

And perhaps, it’s true.

Especially when you live in cities where movement is limited and government protocols keep evolving, from having the liberty to roam around and being restricted to the next.

With slivers of chances (from where I live, at least), we let our little girl explore places with people just so she’d have the idea of what it feels like to have a lot (and different) people around. Of course, we followed minimum health standard protocols.

But you cannot hide from the eyes of the children who were allowed to explore the world outside their homes again how happy they are.

As for our little girl, the carousel is the closest adventure she can get to interact with other children.

And saying hello (or waving goodbye) to other kids you just met is a bonus too.

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