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A day without internet

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Are you ready to be disconnected (no internet, no TV) without knowing the cause? For one, I started my day not really thinking about it. But the moment I did, it reminded me of this going-back-to-the-future game we played.

Then here came the typhoon in the country, which devastated key cities across the land. And together with toppled down transmission lines went the telecommunications.

Imagine spending your day losing the ability to connect to people with just one click. Much more when some of your families and friends suffered the onslaught of the typhoon. And there’s no way to reach out to them (except waiting for the news to bring you updates every now and then).

And do you know what happened after that?

I realized how we have built our lives around instant connectivity.

Indeed, the things we usually neglect are the ones that are important and the first we’ll look for when they’re gone.