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Find it challenging to make a new friend these days?

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As you get into a routine of working, your social circle tends to shrink. If you get into a romantic relationship, your circle will shrink even more. And if you have children, you may find that most of the other adults you know are parents of kids about the same age as your own.

How to make new friends as an adult

Have you ever thought of making friends something challenging to do now that you’re an adult?

Me too.

It’s not that it’s difficult to make friends with people. But it feels like we just don’t have time to expand our circle beyond work colleagues, old friends, family, and relatives.

From How to make new friends as an adult, what we need to do to make new friends are:

  1. Make time
  2. Engage common interests
  3. Become willing to open up

I know.

They’re not really something we don’t already know, right?

But most of the time, it’s the simple things that we easily ignore.

And now that we remembered, I hope we’ll now gain a new friend or two.

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