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Going back to square one

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Learning almost always involves incompetence.

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work

Isn’t it amazing how there’s always tension and discomfort in learning?

And in these moments, the least path of resistance is to hide instead. Because the discomfort is often too much to bear, especially when you consider yourself too old to learn.

Finding myself in a new research project without prior knowledge about the software tools needed to do the job is daunting. But then, I told myself that isn’t learning a way of life? I have to admit it’s like learning ABCs again, but this time, I’m already in my mid-20s and have already spent 19 years of my life in school.

Going back to square one is tough.

But perhaps it’s due in part to your pride from past achievements.

It’s true when they said that it’s difficult to move forward when you’re still holding to your past.

And learning something new is humbling too.

Because from a level of incompetence, you push yourself to be open to teaching, and that requires openness and vulnerability.

But sometimes, the humility of being in square one is better than overconfidence. The kind which leads to things you’ll possibly regret your whole life.

The world is filled with overconfident people. Overconfidence leads to malpractice, to fraud, and to broken promises. Overconfidence is arrogance.

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work

Learning something for the first time might hurt your ego, but rest assured that it’s only for a while.

Because what you cultivate grows.

As my boyfriend once told me, “You’ll eventually get better.”

And I hope the same for you.

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