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It’s hard to get blocked when you’re moving. Even if you’re not moving in the direction that you had in mind that morning.

— The Practice: Shipping Creative Work

If you’ve already heard about us being “creatures of habit,” that’s most likely true. Because we don’t think much about whether we should brush our teeth or not. We just do.

And with the pandemic disrupting all the routines we have built, “some of us found it easier than others to adapt our routines to do many activities from home.

If you haven’t heard about cognitive flexibility yet, it’s “a skill that enables us to switch between different concepts, or to adapt behaviour to achieve goals in a novel or changing environment. It is essentially about learning to learn and being able to be flexible about the way you learn. This includes changing strategies for optimal decision-making.” (Quoted from IQ tests can’t measure it, but ‘cognitive flexibility’ is key to learning and creativity.)

And it’s the reason why some of us were able to adapt to the disruption and were able to create new routines. While others suffer from their rigidity of thinking and inability to adjust to change.

The good news is, cognitive flexibility is a skill you can learn if you just care enough to do so. I can remember taking the Learning How to Learn course and it might help you just as it did for me. Go check it out.

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