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Driving, awareness, and responsibility

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After being on the road for almost a day, I realized that driving isn’t all about going from Point A to Point B.

Yes, you have the skills on how to maneuver the wheels, but driving goes beyond that. Especially when you are on the road, with other people also heading out to their destinations, your driving skills should be accompanied by awareness and responsibility.

Make a wrong turn and get lost with everyone else in the car. Counterflow and you might just crash everyone else against the incoming vehicle. Drive irresponsibly, and you might just agitate the other drivers for your behavior.

And it goes the same with your life.

Every decision you make is never done in isolation.

And it takes awareness and a sense of responsibility to acknowledge that.

Though, it may feel like it, initially. But eventually, it will ripple outward, affecting others as well.

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