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Finding an audience

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If you are doing work you hope that reaches someone, anyone, and changes a part of their life in the process, you may be tempted to solely focus on finding an audience.

That instead of doing the work, you focus on the metrics.

You may end up putting the much-needed effort into doing the work on the sidelines while religiously monitoring the figures. Because you might have even espoused the idea that high numbers mean good work and that high engagement means worth.

As a matter of fact, the work comes first before you will find an audience who would be glad that you showed up.

From The Practice: Shipping Creative Work:

As Susan Kare, a designer of the original Mac interface, said, “You can’t really decide to paint a masterpiece. You just have to think hard, work hard, and try to make a painting that you care about. Then, if you’re lucky, your work will find an audience for whom it’s meaningful.”

Here’s how to launch an idea to the world.

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