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When fear keeps you awake at night

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Going to bed becomes daunting; sleeping, dreadful.

Yes, there are different kinds of fear. And often, those you do not see are the ones that can strike you the most.

From Life is in the Transitions:

But not all fearful situations are as clear cut as staring into the eyes of a four-hundred-pound predator. Many involve emotional adjustments, financial insecurities, or just plain dread about facing an ordeal with no guarantee of success.

And can you even stand the noise in your head?

If you allow your fear to overwhelm you, then you already know who won.

From Life is in the Transitions:

Fear clearly terrorizes people–and paralyzes them with indecision.

But going out of this fear-induced paralysis does not happen in isolation.

You also need to put yourself in an environment that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and live your life for another day.

Isn’t it easy to fall into the anxiety trap these days? If you find yourself nodding, then here’s the cure for anxiety.