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Perhaps we like the way things were

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Do you like change?

There are times I do, and there are times that I just want to be where I want to be. How about you?

I may not know your response now, but surely, you already know that things don’t always continue. As much as you want them to remain the same.

But what if, you’re given the opportunity to become an agent of change?

Do you take part in changing a culture? Or do you resist?

Most people resist transitions. We deny, avoid, wallow, resent. Perhaps we like the way things were or are afraid of what might come; maybe we just don’t like change. Whatever the reason, faced with a defining moment, we balk. I think of this as the Moses moment, because in the book of Exodus, when God appears to Moses in the burning bush and recruits him to free the Israelites, Moses’s reaction is Who, me?! Offered the chance to make history, he hesitates.

Life is in the Transitions

Here’s a good thought about resilience, bouncing back, and moving forward.

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