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Quotes from the book

We can’t change the culture, but each of us has the opportunity to change a culture, our little pocket of the world.

You generally can’t get someone to do something that they don’t want to do, and most of the time, what people want to do is take action (or not take action) that reinforces their internal narrative.

All our decisions are invented. We’re not doing math. We’re making complicated decisions about how we treat people, about events in the future, about production and consumption. And all of our stories and identities are merely invented.

We’ve gone from all of us being everyone to all of us being no one.
But that’s okay, because the long tail of culture and the media and change doesn’t need everyone any longer. It’s happy with enough.

Culture is more important than strategy, than benefits, than features. Culture is more important than price, than governments, than technology.

But culture can change. It changes when our sense of ‘us’ forces it to.

Marketers define “us” because only by focusing our story and concentrating our effort can we change a few people. And if we change the right people in the right way, the culture begins to change.

It shouldn’t be called ‘the culture.’
It should be called ‘a culture’ or ‘this culture’, because there is no universal culture, no ‘us’ that defines all of us.

When we’re comfortable realizing that our work is to change ‘a culture’, then we can begin to do two bits of hard work:

A. Map and understand the worldview of a culture we seek to change.

B. Focus all our energy on merely this group. Ignore everyone. Instead, focus on building and living a story that will resonate with the culture you are seeking to change.

That’s how we make change. By caring enough to want to change a culture, and being brave enough to pick just one.