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Will I still have a job tomorrow?

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Right. It’s something we’ve been wondering about after all the major disruptions that are taking place. Before all the uncertainties in employment these days (with looming retrenchments everywhere), we only thought about living on predictable work paths. Some of them look like this:

We used to think that just by showing up every day at work, we will become indispensable. But showing up everyday may not be enough if you want to be indispensable in times of crisis.

But in times of crisis, it often doesn’t pay to be just showing up every day without having anything special to offer at the table.

So if you are satisfied with delivering mediocre work, thinking that you will never be included in the retrenchment list just because your paycheck is still not missing a beat, think again.

Because it’s always the redundant ones who get to go first.

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