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Angry chicken

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I was feeding our chickens one afternoon, and if you haven’t been around chickens before, they clack while running to wherever the food is. Yes, they gather around the food and peck some of whatever they can get. But every time I toss the food around, one particular hen went berserk and chased everyone off. And while the hen was away, other chickens seized the opportunity to eat in peace.

And here’s what I learned.

When you want to quarrel over something you want to protect (most probably out of greed), you eventually lose that very thing you want to get.

And that’s what exactly happened to that angry chicken. So don’t be like that angry chicken.

Instead, learn to live peaceably with others. You’ll be amazed how both of you can actually benefit from the peace you keep. Why? Because generosity is never a zero-sum game where every time you give, you lose something. Instead, generosity compounds.

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