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No, this is not about me telling you the top 10 tips on how to look for that job that suits you. You can find a lot about it on the internet. This is more about what I learned after searching for jobs. But if you are interested in that, I wrote about it on my previous site, which you can read here.

So what did I learn?

I discovered that if you want to receive a great offer, you should prove the kind of work you do. No, I don’t mean your diplomas or certificates though they add value to your application. What you actually need to stand out among your competition is to show off actual work. Published a paper? Show that off. Started a blog? A podcast? Show that off too. Did you just create activities for the organization you help started? Tell people about that. Started a business? Let them know.

The work you want to show off doesn’t always have to be related to your degree. Remember, you were you before you gained that degree. Job titles are just a façade. When you strip off your titles and your affiliations, what remains is you. So if you want to be you, show an actual work or project that will tell others about it.