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Just because you didn’t ask

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It’s a wonder how your relationships begin in a spark then ignites into flames. And with constant burning, the rough edges of each of your differences start to show up. But if you went through the fire still intact, the relationship then begins to settle in a comforting hum.

Often, when each of you assumes that you know everything about your lover or beloved, you’d be surprised not to know anything about how they are. Until you hear them respond to someone who asked them how they’re going.

And you’d be like, “You never told me about that!

Because as the relationship becomes too familiar, you might mistake the constant but shallow catching-up for deep conversations.

So if you want to know your lover or beloved more and more through the years, never assume you already know everything about them. There’s always something new to talk about.

And you wouldn’t know how they really are right at this moment just because you didn’t ask.