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Stressed with emails lately?

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Emails started to become a thing when I was in my first job.

And to be honest, I have to learn how to speak in a way that’s formal and email-y. Do you get what I mean? On top of that, you need to carefully include the people you should carbon-copy the email to (and the ones who should be included in the bcc, if needed).

After four years of constant email exchanges (and receiving them even in the wee hours of the day), I realized how stressful and time consuming it is to constantly check your inbox and provide a careful response to most of the emails you receive (don’t forget that attachment file!). Sometimes, I can’t help how dysfunctional my relationship with emails became.

How about you?

Finally, for this year, I had a break from emails. I think it has been so liberating so far not to anxiously think about missed emails while you are still enjoying a cup of coffee (or even breakfast).

So if you think you are getting stressed about emails, here’s what you can do:

  1. Schedule when to check emails. And it shouldn’t consume most of your day (unless you were hired to do emails all day).
  2. Schedule-send your replies. Time delay should vary according to the need. Not only will this remove the pressure of getting your emails right, but this will also help you take-in the gravity of the demand. And, of course, you’ll never miss that file attachment ever again.
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