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Small wins

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Yes, words make or break.

And for sure, you have met people that put you down just by letting out a statement or two.

Despite the loss of confidence that criticism has brought you, even just one person can turn around the situation when she celebrates a small win you just did.

Just a simple cheer can snuff out bit by bit the doubt and fear of “I will fail again like the last time.”

And imagine if you make celebrating small wins a habit. Or better yet, you become that someone igniting the fire back to others who have been broken by their critics.

Small wins are steps toward growth. So, celebrate small wins, and soon, you’ll be where you ought to be if you do not give up.

And behind my small win for the day is a …

chicken curry (Pinoy style)

“I thank my boyfriend for taking the initiative of making my plan of learning how to cook a reality. He is the one who persistently cheered me up and encouraged me that there is room for growth.

Indeed, when you don’t calendar it, you won’t do it.

This is the first of many. And I hope that you take that small step of making your plan a reality too.

And remember, celebrate small wins!