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Not looking, not seeing

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One time, my mother asked me if I watered the plant in my room. I replied that I didn’t because I didn’t know if it even needed some watering.

Hearing myself respond made me think how my attitude is rippling out into every action I do each day.

And maybe, you are on the same boat as I am.

This is not just about watering plants. This is about your day to day decisions.

Becoming oblivious to the needs around you is relatively easy. All it takes is for you to just think about YOU. In that case, you will never have the heart to look around and see things that you might be able to do something about.

You may be wanting a lot of things to happen in your life. But just because you don’t know how to look around, you’ll never see opportunities that are just right there in front of you.

And guess what, I started to look around the house and began to see how many plants need watering. The same goes for my personal life. It’s beginning to dawn on me what I need to focus on to move ahead in life just because I started looking into myself. It’s a sort of personal evaluation.

It’s now your turn to do something about whatever it is that you’ve never been paying attention to where you should have been.

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