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Imagination and career shift

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Sometimes I wonder how, as children, you can see things that are not there. I’d like to think that all children, regardless of family income, are imaginative one way or another.

Take, for example, my niece handed me a chunk of orange puzzle pieces one afternoon. She told me that it was a pizza with cheese and sauce on it.

And this is what it looks like:

It’s neither a pizza nor a pizza with cheese and sauce on it.

She also tells me how she prepared it and that she likes it best with some cheese and sauce. If she’s not a child, you’d probably call her crazy. But you make her age as an excuse for her to have the ability to see what you don’t.

What if, as grownups, you have forgotten to think in imaginative ways. I do not mean that you must begin seeing cheese and sauce on a block or even call it a pizza. I mean to say here that, maybe, you need to see things beyond what facts are telling you now.

For example, you think you are in a career rut. Instead of mulling over it like a life sentence, you must begin to see it as an opportunity for growth. And growth doesn’t only mean that you have to climb up the corporate ladder within the same organization. It could also mean horizontal movement. Or better yet, that you need to step out of it and embark on a career path elsewhere.

Maybe what you need is a little bit of imagination.

Go, find your cheese and sauce.

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